Taking pictures is what I do, all the time.

I’m a petite lady with crazy natural curly hair and glasses who likes to make people laugh, have a good time and relax. I love to read a lot, spend time with my daughter and husband, catch up on tv and movies, and listen to music.

Places I can’t resist going into are book shops, cds and LPs shops, thrift/antique stores, and yarn stores. I truly believe that you can never have too many books and music in your life. Same goes for art in any, shape or form.


Born and raised in New Jersey, I've lived in MA, Center City Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and then moved back to the land where I don't have to pump gas at the stations anymore! Yep, NJ!


When I'm not making people look their best, I'm with my family or friends doing something fun or just hanging out. For me time, I'm watching something good on one of the endless choices of binge watching channels.  I'm a bookworm, love to listen to music and podcasts, or be outside riding my horse with our daughter. After 25+ years on hiatus, this old equestrian is back in training for dressage and show jumping. 


I've always known in my spirit that I was meant to be creative, and then in art college, while I was a graphic design major, my teacher/student mentor said, "Deirdre, what are you doing?" She was right. So when I switched to the dark side(these were the days of film and darkrooms), she said, "FINALLY! I told you that you're a photographer!" Thank you Gabrielle, I'm still here, since that day you've shown me how to fly and I've never looked back.


People inspire me the most, from all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and what they do. When I want a completely different opinion on something, I ask my ten year old daughter, and she'll be very honest with me like no other. Children have no filter and will tell it to you straight and this is an inspiration like no other, a true gift!


I'm Deirdre, I make pictures, I'm an image maker, I make people happy with their self esteem and self-confidence.