We wanted the golden hour, but it was overcast, windy, you know….a typical fall day. Of course the clouds went away after we were done and Deb drove off to go home. LOL So down by the lake I used the water as the background. This is the one that Deb picked out. The other two, I also liked.

I used a variety of two different types of modifiers, that day and my Canon 600 EX-RT flashes that I triggered wirelessly using the Canon ST-E3 RT Speedlite Transmitter. My two Westcott Rapid Octa boxes, that are made specifically for flashes. I have the 26’ and the 20” versions and I have to say, I have tried the cheaper versions, and I returned them to get these instead. They are quick and easy to setup and use. Worth every penny! I also had a reflector underneath Deb to minimize and shadows. This was the setup with the lake behind her. Now I noticed a bit of a hotspot on the side of her face, so I had Barry hold one of my reflectors with the black side up to act as a flag, so that the light so came through, and the hotspot went away. For the next shot, we went up the embankment a little and I used the larger 60” Photek Softlighter Umbrella. I only used one flash this time. Now I did have weight bags with me that day as well. My favorites are Matthews Baby Boa Weight Bags. You can wrap them around stands and they stay there.



Barry getting "blown away"!

Thanks Deb for taking this photo of us!

I cannot stress to you how important it is to have someone assist me on a shoot like this. I do my best to pack light, and honestly, I did. But with the wind, and other factors, this is why a professional photographer needs help on a photoshoot. It may seem like a small enough gig to you or others, but when you see what we bring, and the results of that effort and time, it’s well worth it.

Thanks again Deb for putting your trust in me, the images came out great and we all had a great time! And another huge thanks to Barry for being awesome!