We had such a great time! First up was Kim, Kim is a professional singer and also a Real Estate Broker. She had images for her singing career, but needed something more professional for her day job. 

Next up was my dear friend Ann Laurie. I've photographed her before, so we're already very comfortable with each other. 

I like to shoot tethered to my laptop so that I can see the images, double check them and show my clients what I'm seeing so that when I'm coaching and directing them into poses, they can see themselves. It's been a very helpful tool! 

Technically not a headshot, more like a portrait. However we were trying all sorts of different things. 

While we were waiting for our last client, we decided to have some fun. Jen decided to do some modeling for me. Below is a teaser, click here to see more. 

Then Adan arrived and we had a blast, because he's a character actor, gigging acting gigs for tv and commercials. He's represented by the Reinhardt Talent Agency in Philadelphia. I had him get into a few fun characters to get a certain smile and look into his eyes. 

This is what I do, help others get into the moment, to get the best of themselves out so that what people see online or in print, is what they get when they see them in person. Because your online presence is the first time you'll meet a potential client, talent agency or employer. 

Recently I read something on an Instagram account from a friend of mine, he was at a Microsoft event. The image he photographed said something like this:

"Your profile is 21x times more likely to be viewed if you have a professional photo."

This is so true! Whenever I see a profile on LinkedIn that is with a cell phone or is not professional, I don't click on it, and I generally don't accept the invitation to accept(unless I know the person). 

So that being said, are you ready to step up and get noticed?