How To Prepare

When you first contact me, I'll ask some questions and then once we're set with your scheduled session, depending on your needs, I'll like to chat more about what you're looking for. Who are these images for? What do you want to get, or achieve from them? 

Once we've hashed everything out, the day before, try to get enough sleep and stay hydrated, it keeps your skin glowing. Be sure to eat enough food to stay awake and energized. 

Depending on the session, bring a few more items of clothing than you think you might need. The same goes for jewelry. Simpler is better, but stay true to yourself, we want the focus on you, not what you're wearing. Wear clothing that will accentuate.

I do encourage my clients to have their hair and makeup professionally done. It can be arranged to have someone on set to do this for an additional cost. It's well worth the investment and when you leave, you'll still look fabulous!

If we're going to photographing outside, bring bug spray(I live in areas where those "suckers" come out in the summertime),  sunblock, a water bottle and an extra snack.

During Our Session Together

I love music, so if we're in the studio, it will be on. If there's something you'd like to hear, please let me know! I'll be giving instructions and coaching you into the best and natural looking poses and expressions. Some will seem a little strange, and we might joke about it. That's another thing, I like to make people laugh and have fun. 

Reach into yourself and relax, I can help with that as well. 

We will be editing down the images as I photograph you. As I take the picture, the image will come up on my computer screen. This will enable me to show you the images and help to coach you even more. Also, I can make sure that I didn't miss anything during our time together. You and I will look at each image and choose the ones you like the best. 

The images you like, will be presented to you in a password protected online gallery for you to share with who helps to make the final decision. If you decide that you need another reshoot, then you can come back for a discounted returning client rate.

After Our Session Together

Once you've chosen your final images, those will be the ones to be retouched.  Those will be presented to you in a password protected online gallery for you to download. 

If you're an actor, I can recommend buying your 8x10's in bulk at Reproductions in NYC. You've put a lot of money and time into getting your headshot taken. Now, take it to the next level and have them printed beautifully. Casting agents can tell the poorly photographed and printed images from the professional ones. And that might be all that's between you and your next gig. 


Are You Ready To Invest In Yourself?